Injury & Illness Prevention Program Manual


This manual does not ensure a safe workplace. The only way to create an accident-free and healthy work environment is through the employees of Wall System Construction. A vibrant culture of safety relies on consistent concern for safer, healthier work habits and continual improvement of Wall System Construction’s injury and illness prevention program through cooperation and commitment throughout the organization.


Aside from being required by law, a sensible commitment to safety and health can reduce the cost of business by cutting workers’ compensation claims and reducing time workers spend away from work; it also impacts productivity by drawing attention to the continual improvement of management systems and work processes. Further, and perhaps most importantly, a commitment to safety and health reflects care for employees.


The chapters in this manual detail some of the regulatory requirements Wall System Construction may be obliged to fulfill during daily operations. However, awareness of the hazards in the workplace and how to control them demand insight only personnel in your organization have. This manual reflects industry best practices and is in compliance with federal and state regulations.